Who am I

Who am I

I graduated in Medicine in Holland in 1993. I worked in the Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in conventional medicine for many years. After specializing in Tropical Medicine, I worked from some years as the director of a rural hospital of 100 beds in Zambia, Africa. My work as a surgeon in Zambia raised my sensitivity for the tissues of the human body, which is today an important element in visceral osteopathy. From 2002-2018, I worked periodically as Medical Officer for ESTEC, the technical heart of the European Space Agency.   

After moving to Italy and working as a family doctor I saw many patients with chronic pain and which conventional medicine wasn’t offering a definitive solution. In Italy, osteopathy wasn’t yet well-known, whereas in France for the past 30 years almost everybody has an osteopathic doctor as well as a personal doctor. The two professions are complementary.

When I worked in neurosurgery in the past, I was myself struck with a very strong sciatic pain from a lumbar hernia. After two months of cortisone, Valium and anti-inflammation drugs, my neurosurgeon supervisor sent me to an osteopath. That was how I discovered that there are ideas outside of conventional medicine that can give a better answer. After some treatment the osteopath had resolved my problem and I could move again freely without pain.

Realizing that this profession was missing in Italy, I started to study osteopathy while I worked as a family doctor and in 2004 I received the Intra-University French Manual Osteopathic Medicine Diploma from the University of Bobigny in Paris.

Seeing the results an osteopath can achieve simply by using their hands using different techniques, either directly or indirectly (starting always with a diagnosis made with all the modern technologies such as MRI, EMG, Rx, blood tests, etc.), I realized the importance of the osteopath profession and I dedicated myself exclusively to this art of osteopathy in my surgery in Moricone in Narni (Province of Terni).

I love being able to help people who need to move freely in their profession, whether they are musicians, sportsmen, office workers, cleaning staff, ballerinas, factory workers or farmers. Today’s competitive life-style creates many problems for the body that anti-inflammation drugs just can’t solve alone.

Osteopathy can make a difference.

Languages Spoken:  Italian, Dutch, English.

I understand both French and German well.