What I can expect after my treatment

What I can expect after my treatment

Many people undergo a change in their body and of the pain after a single treatment.  Obviously I try to reduce the problems as rapidly as possible, which is what happens in most cases.  But sometimes there is no change or no change yet.  Perhaps the body has not yet reacted (given it’s permission) to the treatment.  This will be taken into consideration in a further consultation.

Changes towards a new state of health

During the period of changing towards a new state of health some people note a temporary worsening of their symptoms in the days following a treatment.  And there can be other side-effects such as headaches, mood changes, changes in your sleeping or menstrual cycles etc.) or muscle pains.

These changes are normal.  The body leaves its previous equilibrium to begin its healing.  These reactions to the treatment disappear over the next few days.  Sometimes these last 24 hours, sometimes more.  In certain cases they can even last for a few days.


When I loosen up the blocked tissue there will be certain amount of waste material (the so-called catabolites) that can’t be eliminated immediately.  I often advise my patients to drink a lot of water (if you don’t drink enough).  After the loosening up process, the extra water helps the body to eliminate this waste.